Behind the Season: Interview #1
February 21, 2014

We’re excited—crazy excited about our spring at DSW. Why? There was just so much we were inspired by this season (street style, individualism, hot shoe trends, you name it!) and we managed to pack it all into one very fabulous campaign.

We also had the amazing opportunity to chat with some pretty important people on the set. This week, we’re featuring our interview with Jo S., the uber talented, insanely creative makeup artist in charge of all the gorgeous and (and handsome!) looks throughout the commercial spots.

Here’s what she had to say about her work, her inspiration, and most of all, her love of shoes.

Tell us, how did you get started in makeup?
I’ve always been into art, painting, fashion—the fun, creative stuff. I went to art school at St. Martin’s School of Art in London, hoping to get into graphics and illustration. But, as one does, I got lured into the exciting world of fashion! I began experimenting with makeup and the rest is really history. And just when I think I’m going to leave and begin working in photography and film, I find myself falling in love with makeup all over again, and I stay. I’ve gotten to live and work in so many wonderful places—London, New York, Paris, LA. It’s been great.

Sounds like a thrilling life! So, what’s big in beauty this season?
In the warmer months, it’s always all about the light and bright look. Think dewy, glowing skin with a dab of gloss or bright lip. For shoots and red carpets, I like to pull from clothing trends or what they’re wearing. If it’s soft florals, I’ll keep in that color palette. If it’s a strong tartan, I’ll go bold—even if it is summer. Honestly, I do whatever feels right. Well whatever looks good and feels right. But I’m a bit of a rule-breaker!

LOVE that. What would you say has been most exciting thing about this project?
Working with shoes. Hands. Down. Seriously, I love partnering with DSW! You guys are always doing something fun, something different, and it’s moving to be a part of it. This season, I’m definitely into the individualism of street style. Capturing each person in their element, wearing what defines them. From spending time with the Park Avenue lady to the cool skateboarder to the trendy teens, it’s absolutely been an unreal experience!

There’s just one more thing. Fab beauty tips or tricks—go!
Less is more! Don’t overdo it, ladies. Makeup’s job is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it. BUT, if you’ve got a big event or want to look extra glam, a smokey eye is the way to go. And the trick with that is to blend, blend, blend! Intensify the look with a touch of liner and some lengthening mascara. Then? Get out on the town!