Aston vs. Mercanti
January 23, 2014

You're classic, but cool. You're a fan of the standbys, but trying new things is OK in your book too. The place you own is nice—the decorator you hired did a solid job. Your idea of a great night includes a killer party (bonus points if there's a big game on). Sound like a match? Then Aston Grey is definitely the brand for you.

Style is your thing. People come to you when they've got a question on the trends. As far as you're concerned, city living is the only way to go. And your pad is a carefully selected arrangement of things from your travels. For a night out, a top-notch dinner and a bottle of their finest is molto bene. You? You're a Mercanti Fiorentini man.

Check out the goods. Shop these exclusive brands ASAP, guys.

Left to right: Mercanti Fiorentini Classic $139.95 (Compare at $250!), Aston Grey Rockcastle 2 $109.95 (Compare at $205!)