All About the Tovey
July 09, 2014

The heel of the season? Gotta be The Tovey by Michael Antonio. It’s the perfect mix of casual and dress. Wanna wear it to a wedding? Go for it. Thinking about slipping it on for girls’ night out? You genius, you. Seriously, Shoe Lovers—this chic sandal is absolute perfection! We’ve had review after review from fans everywhere telling us how much they adore this beauty. 

Some of their words of praise? One Shoe Lover said, “These babies lasted me hours!” Another one raved, “They are beyond comfy and fit beautifully.” And our fave, “I would buy it in every color!” Yep, this women’s shoe is definitely a gotta-get-in-your-closet-pronto type of heel. 

Allow us to break down all of the fabulous qualities for you:

Tons of straps = tons of support. That crisscross design keeps your foot nice and snug for hours of walking, dancing, whatever you’ve got going on. They look really, really pretty and create some great visual interest too. Bonus!

A little platform under your toes is pretty much the best thing ever, right? You get all that extra height without any of the hurt. So strutting your stuff while feeling super duper comfortable? It just got 100% real.

Coral. Gold. Yellow. Silver. Black. Grey. Ladies, the gang’s all here and waiting for you to pick up every single color, and rock ’em like it’s nobody’s business. Because when a shoe’s this good—you just have to get them all!