February 12, 2015

Stumped for V-day plans? Tired of crowded restaurants or over-priced movie theaters? Us too, which is why we’re making a pact to do something creative and new this weekend! Whether you’re heading out with your significant other or planning a fun night with your girls, any of these ideas will make this February 14 a night to remember.

  1. Recreate a meal from your favorite restaurant. Look on Pinterest for some recipe guidance or additional appetizer or dessert ideas.

  2. Attend a tasting event—wine, beer, cheese, chocolate, anything!

  3. Volunteer at a local animal shelter and show the animals some love.

  4. Forget “mushy-gushy”—have a scary movie marathon. Bring lots of blankets.

  5. Find a themed bar in your area and try a new drink you wouldn’t typically order. We especially love this retro video game themed bar!

  6. Invite another couple or two over for a board game tournament.

  7. Plan an impromptu weekend trip to another nearby city.

  8. Play tourist in your own city: Visit museums, try new coffee places, and discover new shops.

  9. Go to the gym or take a workout class together in the morning. Bonus: brunch after.

  10. See a show for a local band you’ve never heard.

  11. Catch a show at a comedy club and laugh all night.

  12. Play a few rounds of your favorite video game together (Mario Kart, perhaps?). Loser buys ice cream as a treat!

  13. Bad weather? Stay warm with an adrenaline-pumping afternoon of rock climbing or roller blading.

  14. Bundle up and go for a pedicab ride around your city.

  15. Recreate your favorite childhood field trips, and visit the science museum or the planetarium to gaze at the stars.

  16. Cheer on the local high school or college basketball team to victory.

  17. Watch old home videos and look at photo albums—and try not to laugh at your unfortunate fashion choices.

  18. Find an outdoor ice skating rink and go for a few laps. Enjoy some delicious hot cocoa afterward.

  19. Take a tour of your local statehouse or government building.

  20. Round up a big group of friends and go out to a karaoke bar.

  21. Hit up the artistic district in your city and attend any free gallery openings.

  22. Find an antique mall and search for valuable treasures together.

  23. Rent bikes and ride around your favorite part of town.

  24. Visit the zoo since it will be less crowded this time of year.

  25. Shoe shop—obviously :)

Have a few ideas of your own? Share with us in the comments below! And for that perfect Valentine’s Day present, a DSW Gift Card will always steal their heart.