How to Wear Suede Ankle Boots and Booties
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November 22, 2017

Ankle boots, also known as booties have become increasingly popular as a fashion item over the past 5 years…

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Considering how versatile ankle boots are, we’re not particularly surprised. Ankle boots can be dressed up or down, and can be worn with both cold weather and warm weather outfits. Of course, there are countless variations of ankle boots and booties, which include cutout booties, flat ankle boots, peep toe booties, and more. Today, we’ll discuss why suede booties are all the rage, and how to pair them with various styles. Also, see our post on how to clean suede boots for more information on suede care.

Benefits of Suede Ankle Boots over Leather Ankle Boots

By and large, if you have an outfit you would wear leather ankle boots or booties with, you can substitute in suede booties and the outfit will still work. With that said, suede provides a different aesthetic, with a softer and more under-stated appeal. Standard leather boots are typically easier to clean and care for than suede boots, but suede offers a matte finish and slightly more casual look than what you get with traditional leather.

For suede ankle boots, a wide variety of colors are available, making suede booties quite versatile. Lighter colors tend to complement a light colored outfit while contrasting well with dark colors, while darker colors pair well with rich color tones and similarly dark colors. As with most things in fashion, darker colors have a tendency to appear a little bit more formal in their look than light color tones. The light tan colors that are natural to suede are especially great for pairing with autumn colors such as burgundy, brown, or hunter green, and also pair well with pastels that are common during the spring.

Since some view suede as being more casual than traditional leather, suede booties are often paired with a more formal outfit as a way to dress the outfit down.

How to Wear Suede Ankle Boots With Jeans and Casual Outfits

Wearing Suede Ankle Boots with Jeans or Pants

Suede ankle boots pair well with just about any style and color of jean including boot cut jeans and skinny jeans. Keep in mind, you will want to show off your ankle boots, so your jeans ideally shouldn’t fall any lower than your ankle. If your jeans are too long, they can be rolled up to show off your booties. Some prefer to roll their jeans even if their jeans are not particularly long – this just comes down to personal preference.

For rolling your jeans, depending on the look you want, you can either roll your jeans a few times so that the hem does not show, or you can roll them once so that the hem is displayed. The hem being displayed is better for a more casual style, whereas rolling your jeans twice may look slightly more clean-cut and tailored. 

Wearing Suede Ankle Boots with a Skirt or a Dress

One of the main reasons ankle boots rock is that they look great when paired with many different types of skirts. This means that ankle boots and booties are great not only when the weather is cool outside, but also for warm weather climates or summer weather as well. Pair your ankle booties with a pencil skirt, jean skirt, below the knee skirt, or a printed skirt. For dresses, ankle boots pair with a wide variety of styles including bohemian summer dresses, casual t-shirt dresses, cocktail dresses, and more. For pairing skirts and dresses with ankle boots, the taller the shaft of the ankle boot, the shorter your skirt should be.

When it comes to wearing ankle boots with skirts, one can also use socks, leggings, and hosiery to complement their skirt and boots.  This is especially relevant for wearing shorter skirts or dresses, where hosiery can be used to bring the outfit together.

Versatility is the Hallmark of Suede Booties

Overall, much like leather, Suede boots and booties are only limited by your creativity. Suede offers a unique soft look that can fit into a wide variety of outfits for many different occasions.