When Sperry Leads to Love
Epic Shoe Love
By Deanna F line Seperator
July 30, 2014

The absolutely truth? I might NEVER have met my husband if it weren’t for his Sperry Top-Sider shoes!

Picture this: it was an insanely packed bar during an away football game for our school. My girlfriends and I were watching the game on TV, and we had just entered the third quarter. Our team was down by an unspeakable amount, and things didn’t look good for the second half, so I decided to turn my attention elsewhere. 

I scanned the crowd, and my eyes landed on a tall, dark, and very handsome guy—sans wedding ring! We made eye contact, and he smiled at me with this huge, warm smile that is still one of my favorite things about him. I couldn’t help but notice the Sperry shoes he was wearing. At the time, I was working as a Merchandise Planner in the men’s department at the DSW Home Office, and I was very familiar with these shoes. I got off my bar stool, marched right over to him, and said “Hey, where’d you get those shoes?” Fast-forward two years, and we were married! And the best part of our story? He changed into those Sperry shoes at our reception! I’m living proof that a great pair of shoes (for girls AND guys!) can totally change your life.

Deanna F., Shoe Lover & Merchandise Planner at DSW

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