Something Borrowed, Something Broken
Epic Shoe Love
By Cristin M. line Seperator
May 20, 2014

“The weekend before my girlfriend’s wedding, she had invited all her bridesmaids out to brunch. For the special occasion, I had borrowed a pair of my sister's shoes (She's an 8.5. I'm a 6.5. You do the math.). But, it was just brunch, so, you know, I had to slide around in them for one and a half, two hours tops. All in the name of fashion, right? I could totally do it!

We arrived at the restaurant and had a great time. But as we were leaving the restaurant and I stepped off the curb, my foot started to slide out of the shoe. When I stepped down, my foot was half out of the shoe and rolled as I went down. I laughed at first, thinking how funny it was, but then I realized I couldn't stand up, and I was in a lot of pain. Luckily, it wasn’t swollen or bruised, and I insisted I was fine and began to drive myself home (it was my left foot after all). As I started to drive off, I quickly realized I was NOT fine, and I drove myself straight to the ER. The x-rays showed a ballerina fracture, and I left the hospital with a cast up to my knee. I immediately called my friend since her wedding was the following Saturday, and I told her if she didn't want a bridesmaid with a huge cast in her bridal line up, I would completely understand. She said I was crazy and if she had to strap me to some old school roller skates and wheel me down the aisle, she would do it! Good news is, the bridesmaid dresses were floor length, so you really could barely tell.

The best part of this story is, two days before I broke my foot, my sister (who's shoes I was wearing) broke her foot. THE SAME FOOT. So, we were both wearing casts at the wedding. The bride gave us a hard time because our matching casts were getting more attention from her wedding photographer than she was!” 

Cristin M. Shoe Lover & Customer, Wesley Chapel, FL

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