Epic Shoe Love
By Megan B. line Seperator
January 02, 2015

Our daughter Lydia is a born Shoe Lover. Her first word beyond “Hi,” “Bye” and “Eat” was "Shoe!” When her dad or I put on shoes, we’d better have shoes waiting for her little feet, too. She always wears shoes, no matter what, and very early on figured out how to open her closet (and mine!) to pull out shoes and put them on herself. She has tried on every shoe in our house, even mastering my favorite 4" peep toes (the Nine West Camya platform pump) with pride. Whenever we're in DSW, she points and says "shoe" as many times as there are shoes in the store. Her current favorite shoes are her grey Carter's Violet Girls’ Toddler Boot—even after weeks of wearing them, she still stops mid-stride, points to the glitter with a gasp and says, "Ooooo!" Her dad and I cannot wait to see what she does in life … Our bet is on shoe designer!”

Megan B., Shoe Lover & Customer, Charlotte, NC

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