Shoe Love and Basketball
Epic Shoe Love
By Kerstin R. line Seperator
June 11, 2014

“I kicked off my first basketball season at eight years old. But I was a big lover of shoes, so naturally I needed some cool sneakers to help me perform like an all-star! But, there was one problem. As a child I was tormented with extremely narrow feet, and kids’ styles were slim for the picking (and many times they weren’t very cute). I spent weeks searching for a pair and FINALLY, in all their glory, there they were—pink and mint high-top Roos! Probably not the most ideal basketball shoes for a kid, but how could I pass up a high-top with colorful laces AND an awesome side zipper? It took some begging, but my mom finally gave in and I had the shoes to make me confident on the court!”

Kerstin R., Shoe Lover & Social Media Manager at DSW

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