Shoe Closet X2
Epic Shoe Love
By Constance P. line Seperator
February 18, 2014

I buy a lot of shoes! I have so many that when I started running out of room in my closet and my daughter went to college, I took over her bedroom—first just a corner, then the entire room—and made it my ‘adjunct’ shoe closet. My daughter was so upset when she came home for the summer that I had to donate about half my shoes to a charity of her choice to calm her down. Despite her accusations, I really don’t love my shoes more than her!”

Constance P., Shoe Lover & Customer, Hatfield, PA

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Clockwise from top: Kelly & Katie Dorotha $39.95 (Compare at $69!), Kelly & Katie Caris $49.94 (Compare at $79!), Audrey Brooke Mary $49.95 (Compare at $89!), Kelly & Katie Remi $49.95 (Compare at $69!), Audrey Brooke Madison $44.94 (Compare at $90!)