Secret Shoe Lover
Epic Shoe Love
By Katya P. line Seperator
October 02, 2014

When I started working at DSW, I was already a Shoe Lover. But becoming an associate REALLY turned my shoe love up a few notches! From heels and boots, to flats and wedges, I loved every shoe I met. And I also loooove online shopping (hello!). So when these two loves combined, my closet rejoiced. My wallet? Not so much. Although my fellow employees understood my weekly (okay—maybe daily!) shoe purchases, my family and friends were growing concerned. I will admit that I cleverly developed tactical strategies to smuggle my new coveted wares into my house. I think Shoe Lovers everywhere can identify with hiding the evidence from time to time! I’d even started getting judgmental looks from the mailman. My frequency of new shoe purchases has since slowed down, but now my friends have come up with a game every time they come over to visit. It’s called “Who can spot the new shoes on Katya’s shoe rack?” Some people may call it a problem—but if loving shoes is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Katya P., Social Media Pro at DSW

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