Rite of Passage
Epic Shoe Love
By Sally H. line Seperator
June 25, 2014

My daughter Priscilla is graduating middle school this year (eek)! It’s a BIG step, and her school’s holding a formal lunch next week that celebrates the students’ transition to the world of high school. Priscilla has to speak and wanted me to take her shopping for a new pair of heels. The first pair she tried on, 3” Vince Camuto nude pumps, did not go so well—she walked like a stiff-legged zombie! But she loved them so much, she was committed to making them work. Maybe ‘committed’ is an understatement—after trying on 30 more pairs of shoes, she was insistent on the pumps. I tried to tell her she couldn’t walk in those and that she was too young, but after enough of her pleading, I struck up a deal:

“If I can teach you to walk in these while we’re still in store, I’ll buy them for you.”

After several rounds of parading up and down the aisle, I noticed: she was finally getting it! I had her girlfriend take a video of the rite of passage, and yep—I bought her the shoes. I guess we are a family of true Shoe Lovers!”

Sally H. from Los Angeles, CA.

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