Epic Shoe Love
March 15, 2014

In case you had any doubt: we love Shoe Lovers. Like, looooove love them. And when we catch wind of some truly amazing, really fabulous shoe lovin’ going on in the world, we wanna be a part of it. So when we heard about one special elementary school teacher in Pensacola, Flordia who’s also one SERIOUS Shoe Lover? We knew it was time for a Random Act of Shoes.

After stumbling across an article in Bella Magazine (Pensacola’s local style mag!) about 5th grade teacher Angie Rose’s HUGE shoe obsession, we put our heads together and came up with the best way to honor her for being a Shoe Lover. Then, we packed our bags and headed straight for Blue Angels Elementary School where Angie teaches! 115 school employees had gathered for a “staff meeting”—with no idea what was about to go down.

That’s when it happened: every employee was hit with a Random Act of Shoes! Yep, shoes for every single person. There was laughter, there were screams, there may have even been a few tears—and most of all, there was a ton of shoe love.

You heard it here, Shoe Lovers—we love hearing about your shoe love, crazy shoe stories, shoe obsessions, and everything in between. You neeeever know when a Random Act of Shoes might strike next!

Blue Angels Elementary is Shoe Struck!