Premier Road Rules
Epic Shoe Love
October 23, 2013

One of our DSW Premier Rewards members in Knoxville, TN shared this story with us, and it’s nothing short of epic:

Our brand new Knoxville DSW store had just opened, and this was one excited Premier member. She was on a mission: get there, and get shoes. She drove to the store, parked her car, and was making her way along the crosswalk in front of the store—daydreaming of the ecstasy that awaited her in just a few more steps. Suddenly, she was jolted from her shoe dreams by the sound of a blaring horn! She stopped in her tracks, only to see an impatient driver hurrying her along with a rude holler.

Unwilling to allow anything or anyone to get in the way of her perfect shoe day, she raised an eyebrow and yelled at the driver, “Clearly you don’t understand—DSW just opened. And you do NOT get between a lady and her shoes!” With that, she turned her back and strutted into the store with a smirk on her face—looking fabulous, of course.