One Serious Shoe Lover
Epic Shoe Love
December 20, 2013

When a DSW store opens, Shoe Lovers everywhere tend to get pretty freakin' excited. They grab their friends, drive for miles and miles, and save up tons of cash to make sure they can get their hands on all the gorgeous new shoes that just came to town.

Our new store in College Station, Texas was no exception—and one Shoe Lover took her dedication to the next level. The day of the store's grand opening, she was having a crazy day at work, but she knew she had to (had to) get to DSW immediately—it just couldn't wait! So she gave herself a serious pep talk, took a deep breath, and confidently approached her boss. She looked her boss in the eye and asked if she could leave work early for the day: "I just can’t live with the fact that other people might be buying the shoes I have to have!" she confessed. No sooner had the words left her mouth than she realized her boss might officially consider her shoe obsession to be insane.

But with shoe love like that? Even her boss couldn’t say no—so she was out the door and into DSW in no time! Now that’s dedication (and a lot of bravery) in the name of shoe love.

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