Mr. Shoe Lover
Epic Shoe Love
By Lauren C. line Seperator
July 11, 2014

Let me start by saying my husband is OBSESSED with white sneakers. So when we first got married, we got a bunch of gift cards and decided to spend the day shopping. He ended up buying a pair of all white Nike athletic shoes that he spotted and fell in love with right away (you would have thought he loved those things more than me!). Later that week, we went to the grocery store and on our way back home an ambulance comes up behind us, so I got off the road as quick as I could. Well, apparently I pulled over too far because we got stuck in a big ditch. My husband got out to push the car, while I kept hitting the gas to try and get us out. And of course it was muddy, and of course he was wearing his new white Nike sneakers. The minute mud started to spray up on them, he got mad and we started bickering. So without hesitation, he pulled them off and threw them in the car, proceeding to push the car in his socks. We finally got out, drove home, and he IMMEDIATELY got to work scrubbing his prized white shoes. 

Now, he buys a new pair of white sneakers about every six months and he cleans them ALL. THE. TIME. What can I say, my guy loves his shoes!

Lauren C., Shoe Lover & Executive Assistant at DSW

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