Mom's Day Winners!
Epic Shoe Love
May 14, 2014

We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ve officially selected the winners from our big contest. We had SO many entries we loved, but the stories that stole our hearts are the ones we just had to go with. And who are those super moms who get a $500 DSW Gift Card all to themselves? Drum roll, please!


“I may be a Shoe Lover, but my mom (for as long as I can remember!) has always been a Nature Lover. From the time I was two years old, our family would frequently spend weekends hiking in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, about 1.5 hours from our house. We never did Mother's Day brunches—always Mother's Day hikes. We never celebrated her birthday by eating out, always by driving into the mountains or camping for the weekend. Even though I no longer live in the same state as my mother, her favorite gift for any of these holidays from her children is a rain check for some quality hiking time. My mom will always prefer enjoying the great outdoors with the people she loves more than opening gifts, eating, or shopping. I definitely didn't get my shoe love from my mother, but she could certainly use a dose of some. She loves being outside so much; she never takes time to shop for herself. All of her shoes are secondhand and she has never owned a true pair of hiking shoes. While my mother doesn't love to shop, I know she would greatly benefit from a good pair of shoes for all her outdoor adventuring. And I'd love to be the one to give it to her!”


“If I could choose two I would give her the Fashionista and the World Traveler! My mother lived in Rome, Italy until she married my father, and since then she has traveled the world with him to every new job location and raised 5 kids (born in 4 different countries) as a stay-at-home mom. Like a true Italian fashionable woman, she is always dressed so elegantly (with not a hair out of place!) and never leaves the house without her red lipstick! She speaks English, Italian, and Spanish fluently, along with a bit of French. She is a kind, generous, and very loving woman. I love her with all my heart!”


“My mom is literally the definition of the MoGo. When I was little she spent so much time with us after school and on the weekends, I didn’t even know she was employed (she started her own small business). My mom deserves to win because she is always there, she’s Super Woman in and out of the household, and she’s always in a fab pair of heels (the woman vacuums and mops in them!). To a woman who taught me to always be kind no matter what, how to look great at all times, how to stay busy every second of the day, and how to take full advantage of life (because why shouldn't we?), a DSW Gift Card would absolutely make her Mother's Day.”


“My mom is definitely the Sporty Mom. She is continuously running in a million different directions helping family, friends, and her clients at work. My mom is someone not only I look up to, but so many others in the community do as well. She is a bereavement coordinator for hospice, which can be a strenuous, exhausting job. Her escape from a long workday is running. When she can find time to hit the pavement after ushering my ten-year-old sister to gymnastics and volleyball, she trains for marathons. The race doesn’t stop there because she is always seen lending a helping hand in the community and working diligently to better the lives of those in our hometown. While she may have to wear her stylish heels to work, ultimately she is looking forward to her me-time—to put on her sneakers and have some time to herself. I have never met someone so motivated in life—she’s determined to do so much for others, yet still finds time to train for her second full marathon! She’s coming up on 50, but shows no signs of slowing down. She’s even motivated me to run a half marathon and bike an 80-mile race. She continues to inspire me every day and show me that while she may have to run in a million different directions nonstop, she will always be there for her family at the end of the day. She is deserving of so much and never asks for a single thing. A great mom deserves to be recognized.”


“My mom is the Tina Turner of shoes. She is 73 and​ still wears wedges, heels, and high-heel boots with style. During my early childhood days, I remember my mom wearing bell-bottoms and high-heel clog shoes. I always thought she was tall when I was younger because of all the heels she wore at the time. By the time I made it to high school I was taller than her and found out she was only 5’2”. Those high-heel shoes mom wore made her at least 5’7”! I took her to DSW recently, and she fell in love with the shoe store. She is now on a fixed income being a retired school teacher and swore she would come back once she is paid. I offered to help buy her a pair of shoes but mom was too proud to take it from me. At her age, she still loves the shoes and doesn't feel that she is too old to wear heels. This is why I believe she should win the $500—to let women know at any age you can still wear a cute heel and look good.”

Thanks to everyone who participated—it was super fun reading your stories and getting to know all your awesome moms.