Epic Shoe Love
By Kelly P. line Seperator
October 28, 2014

I teach second grade and one of the first things I tell my new students is that I LOVE shoes. A typical lesson in one of my classes might go like this: “The shoe store got a shipment of 20 pairs of shoes on Monday, 20 pairs on Tuesday, and 33 pairs on Wednesday. How many pairs of shoes were delivered in total?” I’ve worked my obsessions into so many lessons that my students have started to protest when I ask if they’d like a real-life example. They CLAIM they’re tired of hearing about shoes, but I think they’re actually starting to turn into Shoe Lovers themselves! They look so proud when I notice their new shoes and suddenly like showing them off. You know what they say: best to get ’em started early! 

Kelly P., Shoe Lover & Customer

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