Husbands Know Best
Epic Shoe Love
By Sara C. line Seperator
November 26, 2013

"Women are supposed to be obsessed with shoe shopping, right? They're supposed to love looking at the shoes, love trying on the shoes, and love taking home the shoes. But with tiny, narrow, size-5 feet, I never felt this way. Shoe shopping was frustrating because those amazing trends, fabulous designs, and beautiful colors? NEVER came in my size.

That is, until I found DSW. My husband urged me to go with him one day. "Just try 'em out," he said. Of course I was reluctant and had zero hopes that I'd find anything.

But as I started weaving through the aisles, I noticed a bright orange sticker on several shoeboxes, displaying the number 5 loud and proud. Minutes later I had the perfect pair of shoes, in a size 5, that I was absolutely, positively going home with. I showed them to my husband and he said those four dreaded words no woman ever wants to hear: I. Told. You. So.

He was right. I was wrong. But you know what? I now work at DSW because of it, and I'm officially one of the shoe-shopping obsessed!"

Sara C., Shoe Lover & Associate, DSW