Hottie Alert: Gym Edition
Epic Shoe Love
By Jo Ann M. line Seperator
January 03, 2014

"My husband and I are on a fitness program which requires us to weigh in every week. He does it in the morning, and I go after my workday at DSW. The last time I weighed in, a newer girl in the gym asked me where I work. When I told her, she said, 'Speaking of shoes, there's this hot guy who comes in every week to weigh in and we're always checking out his shoes. He's always got great ones on!' I asked her if his name was Tim. She said 'Yes'—I started laughing. I told her that's my husband—and I buy his shoes at DSW. Hey—you gotta support the brand!"

Jo Ann M., Shoe Lover & Senior Director Merchandise Planning & Item Planning, DSW

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Left to right: Nike Dual Fusion $69.95 (Compare at $75!), Asics Noosa Tri 9 $134.95 (Compare at $140!), Saucony ProGrid Guide 6 $79.95 (Compare at $110!), New Balance 520 $59.95 (Compare at $68!), Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 $59.95 (Compare at $68!)