Epic Shoe Love
May 06, 2015

Today we wanted to take a step away from our usual style posts to talk about an organization that we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with over the years.

In Christy’s Shoes brings fashion and philanthropy together for a noble cause—honoring the legacy of Christy Levy Peters, who diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at only 33 years old. Christy was a talented woman whose passion for giving back to her community was only rivaled by her impressive closet and extensive shoe collection.

Friends and family started In Christy’s Shoes as a way to remember Christy and to support her activism, especially for her favorite women’s organizations. Over the years, the modest annual luncheon the group held has turned into a full-blown gala, fashion show, and auction that draws hundreds of supporters. After the latest fashion show, we sat down with one of the founders and Christy’s twin sister, Katrina, to learn more about the group’s incredible mission.


Tell us how In Christy’s Shoes started.
Christy was just 33 years young when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Despite her diagnosis, Christy never lost her positive attitude or her unique ability to think of others more than she did for herself. She marched on with confidence, a smile, and—as always—in style.

I wanted to make sure that her spirit lived on. Shortly after she passed, our family and friends were having a remembrance luncheon at my grandmother’s home. It was there that it hit me: Christy had an amazing sense of style and shoes were her thing. My lifelong friends, Becky, Jacki, and I started to consider ways in which we could pair Christy’s love of shoes with her passion for helping others.

In 2009, we officially launched In Christy’s Shoes. Every day, we like to say that we are “committed from the sole up.”

What an incredible story. Since 2009, how has the organization grown?
Since our inception, we have received more than $400,000 in donations, and have been able to help more than 1,750 women in the communities we serve. We’ve reached this goal through funds raised by our community partners and sponsors. Plus, we’ve also collected and donated more than 1,000 pairs of shoes to local organizations.

How many people are involved with In Christy’s Shoes?
As of 2015, we have 33 committee members, six advisory council members, and three board members that give their time selflessly. And besides myself, two fantastic women helped me start it all: Becky, our Chief Financial Officer, and Jacki, our Chief Development Officer. Both women were also very close to Christy. We like to say that we are all sole sisters!

For the past six years, the objective of our annual “In Christy’s Shoes Sole Celebration” event is all about women sharing their personal stories of how they have been positively impacted by the work of this group.

Thank you for sharing your remarkable story with us. Now, how can readers support In Christy’s Shoes?
You can continue to support us by liking our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as sharing our story with friends and family. The more partners we have helping to further and promote our mission, the more women in our communities that can be supported!