Early Shoe-Lovin’ Bloomer
Epic Shoe Love
By Laura M. line Seperator
May 28, 2014

“I was eight when I got my first pair of 4.5” heels. Obviously, I found my love for shoes at a very young age. Those heels were silver and strappy and gorgeous. So when my family and I went on vacation, of course I brought them with me. And I wore them every single day that vacation. On the final day of our trip, one of the ankle straps broke and my mom panicked, thinking I’d be devastated and cry. Instead? I took charge and showed that shoe who was boss! I got the glue, sat down, and figured out how to put it back together. These shoes were MY glass slippers, and I wasn’t going to lose them. What can I say? I am one devoted Shoe Lover!

Laura M., Shoe Lover & Customer, Mandeville, Jamaica

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