Epic Shoe Love
February 06, 2015

“Oh how Nina’s story resonated in my heart and mind as I too have suffered a similar fate. A few years ago I broke my back in a car accident. I laid in bed for months, waiting for the day I could break free and wear my beautiful heels again. Stilettos, wedges, booties, pumps—they called to me every single day. So when the time came to finally get out of this prison that was my bed, I hurried to my closet and put on my favorite shoes. I wasn’t expecting to be strutting all over town—just a chance to stand reasonably straight and take a few steps. No such luck. I stepped like a sasquatch tromping through the woods with tears rolling down my face. NOT. PRETTY. It was official—I had to retire my stilettos. It was the end of an era! But I’m slowly learning that a buttery soft pair of ballet flats feels pretty good—almost as powerful as those killer heels I once loved so much. It’s hard, but with the help of DSW and other Shoe Lovers, I will overcome this obstacle. Here’s to recovery and beautiful flats!”

Jacqueline M., Shoe Lover & Customer, Wilmington, DE

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