The Best Lifeline? Shoes!
Epic Shoe Love
By Sarah K. line Seperator
March 04, 2014

“I’m a fairly new DSW employee and I’m planning on getting everyone I know shoes for Christmas! Actual text message conversation between my mother and me:

Me: If you could own one new pair of shoes, what kind would you pick?
Mom: Brown casual boots—not like the dressy ones you got me but I like those too! Oh, and black flats! Oh, and brown flats! I’m talking to Mrs. Miller right now and she’s really jealous.
Me: Mrs. Miller’s daughter is a doctor, she can save lives! Shoes are less impressive.
Mom: Well I don’t need my life saved right now. Shoes—I need.

I guess I found out how I inherited my shoe love!”

Sarah K., Shoe Lover & Training Specialist, DSW

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